I started this blog in June 2007 asking these questions: Are we in a massive asset bubble that will blow up in our faces ??? - ANSWERED YES ! Is western and particularly British society on the verge of social collapse??? What are the best common sense long term investment strategies to keep you rich? When will consumption/debt bubble economics end and a real savings/production economy begin ???

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

The British economy is dead

Quite frankly, it’s very hard to see how Britain can get itself out of the current pickle without causing itself and its citizens a massive amount of pain.

With the billions of pounds of debt and the billions of pounds spent each year on unaffordable and bankruptcy-inducing social programmes (such as the National Health Service) there is absolutely no way it can get itself out of the mire without doing something drastic.

It can’t merely hoped for an economic recovery. After all, where is the economic growth going to come from?


Inflation will finish it off in the end:


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