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Saturday, 2 June 2007

In our extravagant times, should bulls snort at bears?

Orlando Hamilton’s flower shop is not the kind of place you expect to be struck by an impending sense of doom. It is sweet and fragrant, crammed with exotic plants, elaborate arrangements and buckets of flowers spilling into the street. But when I stopped by to pick up a couple of bunches of hyacinths the other day, there was a sense of frenzy in the Ladbroke Grove florist. Orlando Hamilton had just been asked to arrange 6,000 red roses, which were being flown in for a single evening at the Dorchester hotel, which was hosting the launch of a new, limited-edition perfume that costs £64,000 a bottle.

The whole thing sounded so absurdly extravagant that, walking out of the shop, you couldn’t help but wonder: is this a sign that we have reached the top of the market?

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