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Thursday, 18 December 2008

Sign of the times: about 1,000 apply to burger joint for 50 jobs

Some wore ties. Some wore their pants too low. Some were balding. Some owed two months of mortgage payments. Some spoke openly of suicide. Some asked this reporter for a job. Some asked the manager at the hotel hosting the event for a job.

Ahead of a new In-N-Out restaurant opening in Las Vegas, close to 1,000 applied for a $10-an-hour job flipping or serving burgers. There are 50 available jobs, at most.

Sharell Hewlett, who will be one of the managers of the new restaurant and had the frontline job of handing out applications, said she found the range of applicants, from teens to retirement age, "incredible."

There was 42-year-old Freda Beckwith, who Wednesday observes three months of joblessness. Her resume ends at the Bellagio, where she was a cashier until Sept. 17, when she and 14 others in her department were stripped of their jobs.

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