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Saturday, 28 March 2009

The biggest stock market scam of the century is now underway, hatched, given the stamp of approval, and about to be executed by Central Banks

In conclusion, if a U.S. Federal Reserve inspired bounce occurs in the U.S. stock markets, if a Bank of England bounce occurs in the U.K. stock markets, if a ECB inspired bounce occurs in any European stock market and so on, this is a doomsday scenario for investors as it can only happen if the Central Banks’ plan of money supply expansion and monetary valuation implosion succeeds.

And if it does, they will have pulled off in essence the biggest stock market scam of the century under the guise of a massive global monetary devaluation scheme that very few people will fully understand. Realizing the implication of the above charts as well as the likely effects of these Central Banks policies on the world’s money supply should scare the hell out of everyone to a far greater degree than $50 billion Ponzi schemes and $200 million bonuses to failed financial companies.

In writing this article, I am not asking anyone to blindly agree with me, but I do hope that this article inspires enough of you to forward this article to everyone you know so that we can foster a truly intelligent debate about this matter. In the process of starting an intelligent debate, we will educate instead of misinform, gain more clarity about the origins of this crisis instead of shrouding it in secrecy, and ultimately, illuminate the true culprits of this deepening global economic crisis – the Central Banks.


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